OPay referral program, earn N250 per referral
We’ve been down the road of participating in referral programmes a couple of times and obviously, it’s been a nice path to follow. In this article, we’re going to take a look at another referral program that gives N250 for every person you refer, the referral program is hosted by OPay.
OPay should not be new to your ears as it is a one-stop mobile-based platform for payment, transportation, food & grocery delivery, and other important services in your everyday life. OPay offers lots of beneficial services as we’ve seen some examples before now, however, you can make money from them also but you need to follow some procedures to accomplish that.

Just as other referral program work, you need to refer someone to make money, OPay has set the cash reward to N250 per person you refer to their platform but there’s more to it.

How does OPay referral program work?
When someone signs up to OPay using your referral link, you and the person you have referred earn N250 each which is can be withdrawn to your bank account. New users would receive the bonus in their OPay account which they can withdraw to their bank account. The person you refer needs to:👇👇👇
🔥Register for an OPay account;
🔥Complete the KYC upgrade to increase wallet limit;
🔥Top-up wallet with at least N50; and
🔥Transfer funds of at least N100 to friends from his OPay account.
The person you referred needs to complete each of these tasks before both of you can receive and withdraw the N250 bonus.

How to participate in OPay referral program
Click here👉 to create an OPay account if you don’t have any.👉👉👉 Join me on OPay. Get a referral bonus when you join using my link🔥 Don’t forget the N250 bonus waiting for you if you use the link.
💥Tap Share Link-Earn Money, tap it again, a menu would come up, select your preferred mode to share your unique referral link with friends.
You can check the status of people you referred by selecting Me > Refer friend > Referral History to see if the people you’ve invited are valid.

You can’t use one BVN or device to create multiple OPay accounts as suspicious invitation reserves would make OPay suspend the award for your account.

Finally, the person you invited to OPay has three days to complete the tasks to get the N250 bonus, failure to do so would result in both of you not getting the reward.

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